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Xbox Game Bar Not Working? 10 Fixes to Try

The Game Bar in Windows 10 tries to bring a little of that Xbox magic to Windows computers. By simply pressing the Windows key and G, you can summon the Game Bar at any time. This allows you to quickly check in on your gaming-related notifications and activate features such as game recording. Usually it’s […]

Xbox Controller Not Connecting to PC? 9 Fixes

Thanks to Microsoft’s Xinput controller standard, almost every Windows game for the past few years works seamlessly with an Xbox controller . That is, if your Xbox controller itself is properly connected to your PC. If your Xbox controller is not connecting to your PC, here are the most effective fixes. Identify Your Xbox Controller […]

Windows Key Not Working in Windows 10? 10+ Ways to Fix It

The Windows key is incredibly helpful when used in combination with other keys on your keyboard. Besides opening the Start menu, the Windows key can do all kinds of things including rearranging windows, opening the Action Center , locking your screen and managing virtual desktops. If the Windows key isn’t working, it breaks lots of […]

Windows 10 Night Light Not Working? 8 Ways to Fix

Constant exposure to blue light from electronic devices can cause visual problems and ruin your sleep pattern. On Windows 10, the Night Light feature prevents digital eye strain and improves sleep quality by reducing blue light emission from your computer’s display. Despite its benefits, there are times when the feature malfunctions. If you’re on this […]

WiFi Keeps Disconnecting All The Time? Here’s How To Fix It

A patchy WiFi connection that keeps dropping out of service over and over again can be a major inconvenience. The culprit could be anything from an out-of-date router and slow internet speeds to an incorrect computer setting or a huge outage on your internet service provider’s end. To help you figure out why your WiFi […]

Why Is My Printer Printing Blank Pages and How To Fix It?

Nothing can be more frustrating than carefully compiling your work and pressing print, only for your printer to randomly produce blanks. The printer may be new or in good working condition, but the printout is blank or missing ink. While an empty ink cartridge is a common reason for this problem, it’s not always the […]

What to Do With an Old Android or iPhone

“I can’t throw them out, they still work…sort of. But I don’t know what to do with them!” Did you read that in your own voice? Yeah, me too.  There are several cool or useful things to do with an old iPhone or Android. You already know about using it as a media server with […]

What is VulkanRT and Is It Safe?

Game developers are innovators, but they can’t do it alone. A crucial component of any successful game is the technology that allows the game to be played on PCs and consoles. APIs like DirectX and VulkanRT allow your Windows PC to create the environments necessary for you to play the games you enjoy. VulkanRT (or […]

What Is Vsync and Should You Use It?

Vsync is an option that you’ll see in most PC video games and sometimes even in other applications. But what is Vsync? What does it do? Should you switch it on or off?  The answer to this is complicated, but once you understand the purpose of Vsync you’ll know when to switch it on or […]

What is the Antimalware Service Executable Process & Is It Safe?

When you’re infected with stubborn malware that you find difficult to remove, you might rush to install a third-party antivirus or anti-malware solution. While these work fine, Windows 10 has its own high-quality antivirus protection called Microsoft Defender (previously Windows Defender) that you can use instead. This protection is among the hundreds of Windows services […]