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10 Best 3D Printed Raspberry Pi Cases

Raspberry Pis are getting more popular, and it’s no wonder. You can do so much with so little when you use a Raspberry Pi. These tiny computers that run on Linux are portable and affordable, often making them the perfect solution for your projects.    It’s a good idea to get a case for your Pi […]

10 Gboard Tips and Tricks to Improve Mobile Typing

With over a billion downloads, Gboard , the Google keyboard, is one of Google’s most-downloaded apps. It’s pre-installed on almost every Android device, and iOS users can download it from the App Store .  While it’s rightfully known as one of the best keyboards out there, Gboard includes several hidden features that you might never […]

4 Best Arcade Emulators for Windows

There’s something magical about arcades. A dark-lit room, neon lights, and the chatter of dozens of excited gamers, perhaps punctuated by the hard impact of an air hockey table in the distance, makes the games come alive. While you might not be able to capture that atmosphere at home, you can play some of your […]

ATX vs Micro-ATX vs Mini-ITX: Which Is The Best?

If you’re thinking about building a new PC , one of the most important considerations you’ll make is your choice of motherboard. After all, this is the central point of your PC, joining up all of your components to create the machine you’ll use for work, fun, or a combination of the two. Not all […]

Avast UI Failed to Load? 5 Ways to Fix

Avast Antivirus uses multiple live shields, dubbed Core Shields, to protect your computer against malicious threats in real-time. But you still need to rely on the Avast user interface (UI) occasionally. Not only does it let you perform intensive scans for hidden forms of malware , it also allows you to make configurations to how […]

Can’t Eject External Hard Drive on Windows? 7 Possible Fixes

Recently, several colleagues have complained that they can’t eject external hard drives on their Windows computers. There are several reasons for this, including outdated or malfunctioning USB drivers that are preventing the removal of the drive, or other processes accessing the contents of the drive. You could choose to unplug the drive without closing the […]

Firefox vs Waterfox – Which Browser is Safer to Use?

Mozilla Firefox is an open source software , which means that any user can access its code. If you know what you’re doing, you can make changes to the existing code, and release a brand new browser. That’s how Waterfox came to be. It is a browser originally based on Mozilla Firefox code.  There are […]

Getting “The Parameter is Incorrect” Error in Windows 10? 5 Ways to Fix

Does your PC display a “Location is not available” or “The Parameter is incorrect” error when you open an external hard drive, USB thumb drive, or an SD card? We’ll explain why that happens and 5 possible solutions to the problem. You’ll get this error if the drive you’re trying to access is defective, infected […]

Google Assistant for Chromebook: How to Set Up and Use It

Google Assistant wasn’t officially integrated into the Chromebook until the release of Chrome OS 77 in 2019. Before that, many Chromebook users relied on an experimental version of the virtual assistant from the Chrome Flags menu . When setting up your Chromebook , you should get a prompt to configure Google Assistant. If you missed […]

How to Change Your Wi-Fi Channel (And Improve Performance)

Are you finding your Wi-Fi slower and dropping connections lately? Chances are your Wi-Fi router is broadcasting on the same channel as someone else, or maybe several people. Just like radio, Wi-Fi broadcasts use channels. Imagine two local radio stations, being on the same channel. How would that work? It doesn’t and that’s a good […]