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How to Fix “DNS_probe_finished_bad_config” in Chrome

There are any number of issues that could prevent you from loading webpages in Google Chrome, from a broken internet connection to a domain name server (DNS) outage . It can also be caused by a form submission (err_cache_miss) error or, if the problem isn’t on your end, a slow or broken web server that […]

What is SearchUI.exe and Do You Need It?

While certain elements of the Windows operating system (such as the system kernel ) are vital for it to work, other parts are less important. If you’re trying to lower your system resources, you may wish to consider disabling some unnecessary system services and processes, although you’ll need to understand them first. One fairly simple-to-understand […]

How to Fix a Corrupt User Profile in Windows 10

In Windows 10, your user profile is stored in the user’s profile folder, which contains various settings like sound, screensavers, desktop backgrounds , taskbar preferences and personal folders. All these settings ensure your personal preferences are used when you sign into Windows so that your PC looks and works the way you want it to.  […]

How to Tell What Version of Windows You Have Installed

Every installation of Windows has a major version, a specific version, and a build number. While you might never, ever need to know the specific version or the build number of your Windows installation, it is important to know which major version of Windows your machine is running.  Additionally, it looks like future updates to […]

How to Fix a YouTube Black Screen Error

If you’re a regular YouTube user, you may already be familiar with some of the common tricks to try when YouTube stops working . Unfortunately, one difficult-to-fix issue for some users is a YouTube black screen error that prevents you from watching your favorite videos. This issue is just one of many that can stop […]

How to Fix a Faulty Hardware Corrupted Page BSOD

The “Faulty Hardware Corrupted Page” error is a complicated BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) stop code that indicates memory corruption in Windows 10. Several reasons—such as outdated device drivers, corrupt system files, and faulty hardware—can cause this error to show up. The following list of troubleshooting tips and fixes should help you sort out the […]

Getting “The Parameter is Incorrect” Error in Windows 10? 5 Ways to Fix

Does your PC display a “Location is not available” or “The Parameter is incorrect” error when you open an external hard drive, USB thumb drive, or an SD card? We’ll explain why that happens and 5 possible solutions to the problem. You’ll get this error if the drive you’re trying to access is defective, infected […]

How to Fix 100% Disk Usage on Windows 10

It’s surprising when your disk usage suddenly hits 100% for no apparent reason. Luckily, there are a number of ways to fix this error on your Windows 10 PC. Since the actual cause isn’t known most of the time, follow the methods below sequentially, and one of them should fix your issue. Before you get […]

How to Generate SSH Keys on Windows, Mac and Linux

If you’re looking to connect remotely to a computer, one of the best and most secure methods is to use a Secure Shell (SSH) connection. This creates an encrypted connection between you and the remote host, ensuring that the data being sent can’t be intercepted or monitored in any way.  You can use SSH as […]

How to Fix a Steam “Content File Locked” Error

Steam is arguably the best platform for PC gaming , period. Its compatibility and the massive library of games makes it easy to keep all your content in a single place, coordinate times with friends, and even join groups of like-minded gamers. It’s not always rainbows and roses, though. Some users report a “content file […]