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How to Change Your Wi-Fi Channel (And Improve Performance)

Are you finding your Wi-Fi slower and dropping connections lately? Chances are your Wi-Fi router is broadcasting on the same channel as someone else, or maybe several people. Just like radio, Wi-Fi broadcasts use channels. Imagine two local radio stations, being on the same channel. How would that work? It doesn’t and that’s a good […]

10 Best 3D Printed Raspberry Pi Cases

Raspberry Pis are getting more popular, and it’s no wonder. You can do so much with so little when you use a Raspberry Pi. These tiny computers that run on Linux are portable and affordable, often making them the perfect solution for your projects.    It’s a good idea to get a case for your Pi […]

Google Assistant for Chromebook: How to Set Up and Use It

Google Assistant wasn’t officially integrated into the Chromebook until the release of Chrome OS 77 in 2019. Before that, many Chromebook users relied on an experimental version of the virtual assistant from the Chrome Flags menu . When setting up your Chromebook , you should get a prompt to configure Google Assistant. If you missed […]

Microsoft Outlook Won’t Open? 10 Ways to Fix

Outlook is an excellent full-featured, powerful and reliable email client from Microsoft. However, there may be times when you may experience issues with Outlook not being able to load or open, which can be confusing and frustrating.  In this guide, we’ll show you some simple and more advanced troubleshooting solutions that can help you get Outlook […]

How to Perform a Clean Boot in Windows 10

Windows comes preloaded with different settings, programs and drivers that interact simultaneously to make your PC run smoothly. Unfortunately, this mixed environment typically leads to compatibility issues and software conflicts that manifest in different ways. The result is that updates may fail to install, or Windows may struggle to start up properly, often leading to […]

How to Fix a “CPU Fan Error” Message

Sometimes, when you start up your computer, you may see a CPU Fan error appear during the boot process. A message from your computer BIOS that something seems to be wrong with your CPU fan.  While you don’t have to panic, this is an important error that you need to resolve before you keep using […]

10 Gboard Tips and Tricks to Improve Mobile Typing

With over a billion downloads, Gboard , the Google keyboard, is one of Google’s most-downloaded apps. It’s pre-installed on almost every Android device, and iOS users can download it from the App Store .  While it’s rightfully known as one of the best keyboards out there, Gboard includes several hidden features that you might never […]

How to Install Firefox for Chromebook

Although Chrome is the principal browser on Chromebooks, there are valid reasons to install Firefox. You could love Chrome OS but not the Chrome web browser. Using Firefox or any third-party browser allows you to catch a break from the Google ecosystem, enjoy better privacy, and use some unique feature. Firefox offers better tracking prevention […]

The Best Portable Linux Distributions (Updated 2021)

Linux has blossomed into dozens and dozens of different distributions (or “distros”) over the decades since it was first created. Each one has its own fanbase, as well as a set of uses that are its particular forte.  Linux is also popular as a portable operating system, bootable from a USB drive to turn any […]

How to Format a Drive or Disk for Maximum Compatibility

Hard drives can be formatted to various standards, each with their own pros and cons. Some formats can be understood by many operating systems, while others only work with a select few. Don’t worry if the options are daunting. We’ll walk you through how to format a hard drive for maximum compatibility. Before getting to […]